Thursday, May 26, 2016


It is on the water and it is a wonderful sailboat. If I was rich I would probably want one. To the huge costs of marinas and shipyards we will have to add about 1 400 000USD and the price is not even too bad if we consider that is a carbon boat. I suspect that a truly equipped boat would cost substantially more.

It should also be considered that this 60ft trimaran has the interior space of a 44ft monohull but at least the finnish seems to be rather good and many would not need a sailing boat with more than two cabins (both with an head).

The storage space seems not bad even if on the low side, but anyway, this is a boat for the type of sailor that likes to travel light.

The Rapido 60 is a Morrelli& Melvin design and displaces only 8600kg. It has a reasonable load ability for the type of boat (2000kg), about the same as a 40/42ft light monohull). The speed polar makes me dream. What a cruiser for some lucky guys ;-).

Friday, May 20, 2016


Well, I hope it will be, since the design and the technical characteristics point that way and the last boats built by Dehler have been proved very good, with nice interiors. But, off course, we only would really now after some test sails and after having seen the boat, but all the indications are excellent.

The hull is beamy (3.60m) with all beam pulled aft, it has fine entries, a big draft standard (2.10m) a modern bulbed keel, and a high B/D ratio (35%). All this put together will give a big stability and a very powerful sailboat with an excellent reserve stability. The stability curve, that show how all these parameters integrate, is an excellent one, with a big positive stability, a small inverted one and a big AVS (near 140ยบ).

The new 34 has a big interior volume and that allows not only a nice living area but lots of storage space. The Dehler is not particularly light, weighting about the same as an Oceanis 35 but it is built with better resins  has a full cored hull (balsa core) and an interior structure reinforced with carbon. That points to a considerably stronger boat.

And it will  be considerably faster since to the 54.2m2 of sail area that the Oceanis offer, the Dehler offers from 65 to 71m2, depending on the options. In medium to strong winds the Dehler will positively smoke the Oceanis, specially on a beam reach or upwind, due to its much bigger stability.

There are two options regarding steering, a two wheel setup or a tiller. A tiller will allow the boat to be more easily solo sailed, giving access to the four winches without letting go the tiller but will be more intrusive regarding "passengers" on the cockpit. The two wheel version will offer a more comfortable cockpit, to the ones that are not sailing the boat, but will only provide access from the wheel to the two back winches, being the other two out of reach of the whelsman.

Just two points that I would have prefered to be different: the balsa core and the deep single ruder. Regarding the balsa core, Dehler had used it for decades but it has recently changed it for synthetic materials (foams) that offer less problems in case of water intrusion on the core. It is hard to understand why on this one they went back to balsa core.

Regarding the rudder, today single rudders on beamy boats, to be efficient, have to be very deep and it is the case on the Dehler where the rudder is almost as deep as the kell (on the standard version). That brings problems regarding rudder protection, especially on med mooring when the boat goes backwards to a quay.

 If having one chose the one with the bigger draft (2.25m), it will not only be lighter and offer a better upwind performance, but most of all will offer a much better protection to the rudder. If you will hit the ground you will want to hit it with the kell, not the rudder that is way more fragile. Bottom point, a twin rudder would be a much better choice in what regards cruising.

The price seems to be great (about 110 000 euros without VAT) and the boat will be on the water in August even if I believe that will be a waiting list for this one ;-)

Wednesday, May 18, 2016


The new 380 is on the water and they sold already 8 boats (on the drawings). The Salona is one of the more interesting boats on the market regarding price/quality but even so they were in trouble. A new Salona on the water, due to the circumstances, are not only good news for Salona but to all that like nice and fast cruising boats.
I know they were in trouble because I helped some friends to make an excellent deal on the "old" 38 and they had some difficulty delivering the  boat. Salona, even with troubles, had done well, honoring the compromises and offering a lot of extras for the late delivery. They took a lot of time to put this new one on the water but now that they managed it and I believe the troubles will go away since the boat is offered at 150 000 euros on the cruising version and it seems just to be a bettered 38, being the 38 already a great sailboat.

The Italians from Solovelanet had already tested it and were impressed. Much more sail tests will follow and if you are interested in knowing better the boat you can charter it on Croatia, on the charter company that is owned by Salona, but you will have to be quick because I bet a lot of sailors will want to have a go at this boat on this summer :-)

More about the  Salona 380:

Saturday, April 30, 2016


Yes that is a great sailing boat but these guys are so good that make me ashamed of my little sailing skills :-( The IMOCA goes incredibly fast on stormy seas but we can see that he has that huge beast under control...alone. Awesome!!!

He is training already for the next Vendee Globe and you can see that the boat (PRB) has no foils and is not going to have them for the next Vendee Globe. They had studied the subject with JK and after many simulations they decided that it would be a better bet not to use foils. A post about foils or no foils on the IMOCA for the Vendee Globe will come soon.

Friday, April 29, 2016


Sure big America's cup cats had done it but under controlled conditions and protected waters, nothing to do it on Ocean conditions and that is what this is all about and Verdier? Verdier is the NA that we can see on the boat (he is a very good sailor too) the one that is at the edge on the development of foils for Ocean racers, not only multihulls but also mnonohulls.

 They are testing here on weak to medium winds and pretty much flat seas. Next stage, true medium winds and waves. Cannot wait to see the images. Verdier says that they have yet a lot to learn and I am sure they are learning at a fast pace. Great NA, probably the best in what regards Ocean racers. I bet that Verdier working for VPLP was a decisive factor in choosing VPLP for the design of the new Figaro III ;-)


I guess the regulars on this blog will be as curious as me regarding the audience and who is following it and from where, so let's satisfy that curiosity. The map above regards general audience, all time considered.

It is truly a global audience and a blog where the sun never sets :-). The US appears to be the major audience simply because EU countries numbers are not considered as a whole, but are separated by countries. All together the audience is bigger than the one on the US (that is a very big one nonetheless).  

Also many countries have followers but not in enough number for their country to appear colored. From those I will mention a considerable number from South America, from Scandinavia, from Turkey, from Greece, Poland, South Africa, from China and Taiwan. 

Regarding numbers on the two years the blog has, it had about 380 000 hits  and the average of hits a day is well over 500 now. Regarding the overall number of  hits the number of members is not big even if it has increased substantially on the last months, just 10. So if you are a regular consider becoming a member (on the top right of the blog).

 It is simple and it makes for a more convivial approach helping us to know better each other's. After all this blog shows that sailing and the love for beautiful sailboats is truly an universal thing and in what regards that we all share a common interest and pleasure.

Regarding conviviality don't hesitante in posting comments on the blog. It helps for the ambiance I would like to have here and regarding that, I would have preferred a bigger participation from you all and I hope that will increase from now on.

Now, that for most the sailing season is arriving, a special wish for fair winds, great sailing and cruising fun for all. For me the sailing season is also beginning (next month) and that means that my contribute to this blog will be very small, till October. Not closed for sailing but almost ;-)
The best for all,


Not the boat I would chose to sail on the Med (not enough upwind fun) but certainly one in my short list if I was circumnavigating or sailing extensively (voyaging) around, specially considering the relation between price, quality and performance. The new swing keel, that is offered as an option to a twin keel or mono keel, increased the overall versatility and the boat is just an improved 1260 that was already an improved 1200 and the RM 1200 (that I test sailed some years ago) was already a great boat.

I had made already a post about the RM 1270: and I just want to add some more visual information about the boat, regarding the new swing keel, the huge transom directly influenced by solo racers (that will provide a huge stability and no roll sailing downwind) and most of all the excellent test movie made by the German magazine, that tested the RM 1270 and were impressed with its qualities, sailing and otherwise.

The movie:

The interior is also improved regarding the 1260, not anything substancial, but offering the same forward view that allows to sail the boat from the chart table, it has now a more refined interior in what regards finish and color schemes.