Saturday, April 25, 2015


When I posted the first video I sent it to some friends, including my daughter, a sailor too, with the comment that I would like one of those. My daughter commented that it would not take much time before I turned that cat upside down. I guess she would be right :-) but what a boat!!!!

Wipe Out from Gunboat on Vimeo.

Thursday, April 16, 2015


I have to say I was not surprised with its victory oven the much acclaimed Garcia 45.: The Boreal looks so much nicer and well balanced that I bet it sails better. They promote it as an exploration boat but I don't see it that way: I see it as a boat that will suit those that want to voyage long or live permanently aboard the boat in any latitude.
 A very practical and strong one, not properly fast but not slow either, with a cutter rig, for increased safety and lots of storage. Given the quality of the boat and size the 685 000 euros it costs don't seem exaggerated to me. had tested the boat and made a nice video that you can see here:

Yachting World has also tested it and Matthew Sheahan concludes this way:
"There cannot be many brochures that describe a boat’s accommodation as having ‘a desk in every cabin where bluewater children can do their homework’. But this is just one of many examples of what this boat is all about: live aboard, go anywhere.

Solidly built above and below decks, the Boréal 52 is the concept of a designer with many miles at sea sailing with a family. While the chined alloy hull won’t appeal to everyone, the rugged style will instil confidence in many.

As for performance, at 18 tonnes she was surprisingly nimble, even in the light airs of our test, and was a very easy boat to handle with well thought-out control line runs.

The Boreal 52 brings home what a real deepwater cruiser needs to be like. A go-anywhere boat, with a lifting keel, that is full of clever and innovative details, especially the doghouse-navstation that is based on the experience of many hard-fought miles. All this for a custom-built boat with a price tag that is still considerably less than some popular alternatives even when you’ve added all the listed options. Impressed."

What can I say more? I like it and it seems to me close to perfect for living aboard permanently. Maybe I would have liked it a bit prettier but I am a hard man to satisfy. Anyway it looks a lot better then the Garcia 45 and better then the Boreal 44 (being longer helps it a lot).

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


A teaser from the Mini transat and some of the best images from the VOR: Enjoy ;-)

Monday, April 13, 2015


GUNBOAT G4 from Gunboat on Vimeo.

More information about the G4 on previous posts:

Hei José Pedro, what I can say more than those images ? Sailing fun and speed at its best and on a boat that can cruise WOW!!!. And it is beautiful, it looks like a very fast boat, not as a house over the water.

 I love the name: Timbalero, yes rhythm fun.  A pity the need to be rich to have one

Friday, March 27, 2015


They took an eternity to let go the main on the first one...but that one at night was just scary.

Sunday, March 15, 2015


While waiting the first one to be built the shipyard posted a very interesting virtual visit that really can give an idea of the boat interior volume. Looking at it I wonder that can be a very satisfactory space for a single guy to live aboard, on a boat that is rock solid, can sail and moor in very swallow waters (where places to moor can still be found) and offers as a plus a satisfactory sailing performance. It can actually pay himself substituting a  rented home and offer a sailboat as a bonus ;-).

Saturday, March 14, 2015


Initially Comar announced as first cats on his new cat line  a 37 and a 62: The 62 is still on the agenda, the 37 is almost on the water but the next to follow will be a 50 that Comar describes as an Oceanic sailboat:

"The Comet 50 and Cat was developed with the intention of making a fast oceanic high performance comfortable. The project still in the preliminary stage has the ambition to become a point of reference for all fans of catamarans that aim to travel the world in safety and comfort with daily averages impossible to a monohull or heavy catamaran with relative small sail areas...The boat will be built in composite with extensive use of carbon on the most stressed areas."

The design is from Marc Lombard and the cat 50 will weight only 11000kg. It will have a lot of stability due to a large beam (7.30m) and low CG, will have long dagerboards (2,45m draft) that are not visible on the drawings (rotating ones?).
It will be a very fast sailboat, able to carry a lot of sail: Mainsail 87.3m2, Genoa 130% 55m2, code zero 115m2, Spy asymmetric 160m2. The tankage will be considerable (600L of water 360L of diesel) and it will have two powerful 60hp engines. It looks nice to me, lets hope the price is a nice one too ;-)